Web design and development services
in South-West Scotland

I use the following technologies HTML, CSS, PHP, XML, MySql, Javascript, JQuery, Python, Java, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento. I am a web designer/developer based in Dumfries, Scotland with eight years experience in building beautiful websites that are highly useable, responsive and accessible.

You can hire me for building small–medium websites from scratch or using Wordpress or Drupal. I am also happy to work on upgrading and debugging existing websites and can offer usability appraisals. Other services include theme and plugin development for Wordpress and Drupal.

Some sites I have worked on:

Find the Best Multitool

A database driven site for finding multitools based on the tools they contain.

This site was designed and coded entirely by myself using Object Oriented PHP, MySQL and Javascript. For automatic updating of the database I created an advanced web scraper using PHP, which extracts the tools from multitool descriptions using semantic analysis.

Best Multitool For You screenshot


Mediafed is a content provider for advertisers.

I worked on the administration section and updated the site to enable categorisation of content feeds into sections.

screenshot of mediafed website

Tour By Bike

Tour By Bike is an online information service covering all aspects of bicyle touring.

The site was designed and built by myself using Wordpress. I created the theme and several plugins for the site, one for example uses Amazon's API to search hourly for deals related to bike touring.

screenshot of Tour by Bike website


Royall is a north american company providing services to US education providers.

I worked on the administration section creating an interface for matching queries on a database of over 9 million records.

screenshot of royall website

New Nomads

New Nomads is a site about nomadism in the digital era.

This site was designed and developed by myself using Drupal. It uses a custom theme adapted by myself from an existing one.

New Nomads website screenshot


Tickd is an advanced project management web application.

I worked as part of a rapid development team bringing the application to an advanced state. My own contribution included creating multiple task creation widgets using javascript.

screenshot of tickd interface

Mostell Seafood

Mostell Seafood is one of the UK’s largest importers and distributors of premium quality Frozen Fish and Seafood.

My role was to ascertain user requirements, build wireframes and code the site from external visual designs.

Mostell Seafood website screenshot

Girlguiding Scotland

Girlguiding Scotland has over 60,000 members and is the Scottish arm of Girlguiding UK. The website was created using Drupal CMS and has a members area and shopping cart.

My role was front and backend maintenance of the Drupal CMS.

Girlguiding Scotland website screenshot

Best Multitool For You

Best Multitool For You is a search facility for finding multitools and Swiss army knives.

The site was designed and coded entirely by myself in PHP and uses an XML database to hold the tools.

screenshot of Best Multitool For You website

Hall's of Scotland

Hall's is a well-known Scottish food brand

The site was designed and coded by myself from scratch using a rapid iterative process. Much of the code is modular and reusable.

screenshot of Hall's website

Bike For Free

Bike For Free is an online information service to encourage people to bring abandoned bicycles into use.

The site was designed and built by myself using Wordpress. I created the theme and various plugins.

screenshot of Bike for Free website

Wee Willie Winkie

Wee Willie Winkie is a well-known brand of sausages for children.

The site was coded by myself from scratch with a layout adapted from an existing visual design.

screenshot of Wee Willie Winkie website

Lairds Fine Foods

This is an online shopping site selling luxury meat products, built using Magento.

My role was some design and coding, site maintenance and updating.

screenshot of Lairds website

Tilbury Coldstore

Tilbury Coldstore is a coldstore facility in Essex.

This website was coded by myself around an existing design template for Browns Food Group sites.

screenshot of Tilbury website

Edinburgh Views

Edinburgh Views is a large photo-gallery of images around Edinburgh.

This site was designed and coded by myself using a JQuery plugin for the galleries.

screenshot of Edinburgh Views website